Research Seminar Presentation at UL by Chris Madan on “Movement imagery: Measurement and role in cognition”

The Dept. of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick welcomes Dr. Christopher R. Madan (Boston College) as part of the GO GREEN EX consortium to present on the topic of ‘Movement imagery: Measurement and role in cognition.’ His seminar on Tuesday 7th February, 17h00 will be held at the following venue: P1007, PESS Building, University of Limerick. Christopher R. Madan (@cMadan) is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Psychology at Boston College, under the supervision of Elizabeth Kensinger ( Chris studies memory and decision making, with a particular emphasis on factors that make some experiences more memorable than others. He uses a variety of approaches to ask these questions, including cognitive psychology, neuroimaging, and computational modeling. You can find out more about Chris and his research interests on his personal website ( A contributor to a forthcoming monograph on green exercise and well-being, Chris has established expertise in visual cognition and motor imagery factors which are fundamental to our understanding of the processes underlying green exercise effects. For further info. follow @cMadan

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